Thursday, November 13, 2008

Red Country, City Blues

As a follow up to a previous post, I found this map which shows how the election went County by County. There is a disconnect between Rural and Urban America. This is why state rights are so important. I'm not going to pretend to know what it takes to live in Massachusetts, and I certainly shouldn't have a say (vote) as to their laws. So stay out of mine.


Lisa said...

Most of the country was for McCaine, except for the cities with large populations. I think that the people in the smaller cities and rural communities are not getting their voices heard. We are being drowned out by the big cities, yet I do not have the same issues or values that you find in a big city. Too bad.

Spaz said...

City people tend to be liberals and Rural people are conservatives. This is why State rights are so important. The State can remain conservative, even though the country is liberal. However, the bigger the federal government gets, the more power they have and the less power and rights the States will have. Making it easier for Special Interest Groups, that have a hold on the fed, to swing policy in there favor.
Here is an example. If a special interest group wanted to make major changes to a policy where States have most power they would have to lobby the legislatures in every state. But with the Feds having all the power they only have to lobby two groups of Reps in one City. States need to start taking back power, and it needs to begin by stopping earmarks to there States.

Spaz said...

One thing to remember is that our founding fathers did several things such as the electoral college, to keep Special Interest Groups from having a hold on Congress.