Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Electoral Map Tells All

If you check out the interactive electoral map on it really shows you one of the problems in this country; the giant riff between urban and rural life. Remember in 2004 when the map was all red in the center and blue on the fringes. This year it was more blue, but zooming into the states you see the same issue. Take Nevada, the entire state is red except for the counties of Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City. Ohio, the same way. Red all over except for the counties surrounding the urban areas. Nebraska's fun, 4 counties are blue out of the 30+. Oregon, East Red, Northwest Blue. Why is it that Rural = Republican while Urban = Democrat.
Maybe it is better stated Rural = Conservative while Urban = Liberal. Maybe this is why it upsets me so much when liberals from the East and West coast come into Utah to promote there agenda. Heck, I moved out of Salt Lake County becuase they where too liberal. (Who votes for 3 tax hikes in one election, oh and 2 more this year.) Urban people don't understand rural life and I don't pretend to understand what it takes to live in the city. I do know the Constitution and the Bill of Rights guarantee certain rights and no politician, Democrat or Republican, has the right to takes those away.
But what do I know, all I do is clean my guns and read my Bible.


Heather said...

I'm kinda tired of you cleaning your guns and holding on to the bible. why don't we go to Wingers instead!

btw, interesting insights on the electoral map. I hadn't ever noticed that.

TStevens said...

Clean You Gun!!

Awesome euphamism - but I think they "clean their guns" in the city too.