Thursday, November 13, 2008

Protests Going Too Far

Temple protests, Sunday Service protests, An old lady get beat up for holding a cross, and a Mormon losses his job. I think these protests have gone abit too far. I can't believe that someone can hold a sign that says "Seperation of Church and State, Let Democracy Work". Democracy did work. It worked very well. People went out and voted and the ammendment won. No freedoms were even banned. People are upset, but don't use fear to promote your agenda. If you do, you are no better than the KKK.


Heather said...

I still can't believe everything that has gone on. It is so ridiculous. How can they promote tolerance and treat the Mormons this way? It is just a bunch of whiny babies complaining they didn't get their way. The people spoke this is what the majority wants.

Lisa said...

There were many supporters not just the Mormons, yet we are the ones taking the blame. We did not keep this from happening alone. Many churches and other people were involved. I hate people yelling "Seperate Church and State." It just means we wouls not have a State Church like in other countries, no Church of the United States. The founding fathers did not want another Church of England happening here. Nothing to do with the stuff most people are yelling about. Goes back to education. Who is educating people in history and the Constitution?

Paigie said...

I attended several awesome lectures this week. One from a BYU law professor about the Bible and our government. He said that Jefferson believed the separation of church and state is not a wall but more like swiss cheese. Where the two can flow back and forth. Church and state can never truly be separated. Laws are created from our morals and Americans morals and laws started with the Bible. The whole discussion revolved around the idea that our three government bodies developed from the Greeks, Romans and the Bible. Can you figure our which branch of government goes with which influence. It was fascinating.