Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just keep walking Bob.

You know how I feel about incumbents. I might vote one back once or twice, but if they haven't gotten it done in 18 years, I'm going to question sending them back.

Bob, it's time for you to go.

18 years ago, you promised to only run for two terms. 18 years ago you promised to reform entitlement programs. 18 years ago I wasn't old enough to vote. If you can't get it done in 18 years, why should I send you back for more?

Thursday night, Bob Bennett's office invited me to sit at his table at the Lincoln Dinner. I politely declined as I was not planning to attend the dinner, however, I did attend the meet and greet before the dinner. (I should preface the rest of the story by telling you that all State Delegates attending the dinner were given blue name tags so the candidates new who they should focus on. I did not have a name tag.) Myself and Shawn, the other delegate from my precinct, were having a conversation when Bob Bennett came up to us saying, "I've been told I'm only suppose to to talk with blue name tags." I tried to introduce myself but he continued past me to speak with Shawn, blue name tag. He talked with Shawn for a minute and then asked him if he had any question. Shawn deferred to me at which point I re-introduced myself as a State Delegate and asked my first question.

To save you from the boring details, I will tell you that he answered my questions by asking me very condescending and loaded question, to make his point. He wants to cut back on social security and medicare but when I asked if he would be willing to eliminate the pensions that elected officials get, he looked down and pointed at me and in a very condescending tone asked, "What pension do you think I get? The same pension they get up at Hill (AFB)." I told him, "there is no reason for us to be supporting elected officials after they finish there term."

QUIZ TIME: How many current Senators and Congressman are $$$millionaires$$$? (Athletes that play for the Senators don't count.)

I asked other questions, but they were all answered with the same tone and finger. He did explain that we should reelect him so he can fix the entitlement system. I'm all for that. He told a story about after he was first elected that he stated to all the other republican Senators that he wanted to reform the entitlement programs. I then asked him why after 18 years of failing does he think he can now come home with a win. Can anybody guess the answer? Doesn't matter, it wasn't good enough to write.

There are worst things about Washington than Bob Bennett, but in the words of our glorious President, It's time for a change. Bob has had his chance. He is a moderate in conservative clothing. He voted for TARP. His sponsored health care bill was as bad as the debacle we now have. He has just lost touch with voters in Utah. It is time.


Lisa said...

Vote him out, I'm sick of those who keep running, its quishy in Washington and they keep staying because idiot keep putting them back. You should not be allowed to vote unless you actually pay taxes or you own property.

Steve said...

I just think it is cool you got to meet your Senator. It's too bad you were too shy though to ask any tough questions... :)