Sunday, April 4, 2010

Getting Back Into It

Since we are coming up on a new election and since I was elected a State Delegate in my precinct, I thought I would start posting my impression of the up coming races. Friday night was the Tooele County Republican Party Lincoln Dinner fundraiser. I was not planning on going, even though Bob Bennett's office invited me personally to sit at his table, but there was a meet the candidates function before that I wanted to attend. So I party crashed.
To keep this from going to long I will give my impressions of the Senate and other races in later posts, and leave this post for more general impressions of the evening.
A warning to Bob Bennett, this is not going to be an easy race for the nomination. Not to many people there speaking highly of you, and if you treat others the way you treated me before you found out who I was, the race will only get tougher.

I knew nothing about Governor Gary Herbert a few months ago. I was a little uneasy about him when he took over the state. Didn't Impress me much as the Lt Gov. He has impressed me as Governor. When the session started he drew a line in the sand and said he would veto any new taxes that came across his debt, and they tried. I am impressed with him and meeting him was a pleasure. He did have to compromise on the tobacco tax, for the budget. I don't like it, but I understand it. It was definitely the best option for solving the budget problem.
This post may seem a little too positive for me, but don't worry my next post on Bob Bennett will be far from positive.

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