Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm pretty sure they are laughing at us.


Lisa said...

Yes they are because we are so stupid and believe what they tell us it ticks me off. Do you know that most mortgages made since 1992 are nothing down types and this fall is not over yet. When you put nothing down you are not concerned with loss. What a mess and i am sick of the government and stupid people who believe they should just keep giving us money to solve this problem debt is never a way to wealth building and we need some wealth building to pay off the debt and get the govenment on track. hand outs are not the answers and giving tax breaks and more programs is not going to do that. What a mess we have going on right now.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Children need to be taught to work no matter how wealthy their parents are, it certainly didn't hurt mine to learn to work for what they wanted. They need to be taught not to spend what they don't have, then they will grow up and teach their children and ect until we have a nation that is out of debt.

Blame Nixon, he is the one that took us off of the Gold standard which was one of his many stupid moves he made. I think what we need is term limits so we don't have people like the white haired Kennedy being professional in a government that was suppose to be short time volunteers that served and then returned home to work like the rest of us.